If I Could Turn Back Time

To: Sarah Elizabeth Corbett (age 14)
From: Sarah Elizabeth Corbett (age 21)

Dear Sarah,

I know this may sound a little strange, but I am writing this letter to you from the future.  I know you are sitting there questioning if this is really me, so I will prove it to you: I know you still continue to sleep with Tag Baby and Pony even though your mother tells you constantly you should put them up because they are fragile. I know your walls are covered with various pictures of memories you never want to forget, and that you are doing everything you can to become the Valedictorian of your senior class.  Who else would know all of this, except for yourself?

I will make this as short as possible, as I know you are overwhelmed with school work and all of your extracurricular activities.

I have some amazing news for you!  You are playing basketball at Pikeville College (which is now the University of Pikeville) and pursuing your dreams.  It’s like Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  Courage takes on so many forms:

  • courage to set goals
  • courage to take risks
  • courage to let go and move on
  • courage to follow dreams

Your high school years go by quickly, but you have to take the time to set your goals.  Remember to savor each moment and treasure the memories that each experience evokes.  There will be times you want to give up, but know there isn’t a challenge you can’t face.  Don’t worry about the heartache you will experience from puppy-love. You have a huge life ahead of you.  Don’t enter college thinking it’s just like high school; you will have to learn how to study and manage your time. Never be too shy to ask for help.  Above all, remember to believe in yourself and to utilize your resources. Never-give-up-on-your-dream  psu-to-do-list

I am here to help you enjoy your life in high school more than I know you already will!  Now go show the world just what Sarah can do!

Lots of love,
the older Sarah



  1. This is fantastic! I wish I could have written a letter to myself a long time ago! I think everyone’s life would be so much more successful if we all could do this. Also, your level of creativity is awesome! This blog is interesting and extremely original! I love it!


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