My Guiding Star

This post is going to be one of the hardest I have written.  October 3, 2011 my life took a drastic change, a change that will play on repeat in my mind forever.

Like every day before, I called my mom on my way to basketball practice.  When mom finally answered she was whispering and being short.  I just assumed she was in a meeting and that was why she got off the phone quickly.  Without thinking another thing about it I went on to practice.

After practice, to my surprise I seen my mom and Gram (her mom) waiting for me. I drove my car back to the parking garage and got in the car with them so we could all go get some ice-cream.  When we reached the dorm parking lot we sat and talked about different things.  The mood completely changed however when mom said to me, “Sarah, I have something to tell you. DaddyDick (my dad’s dad) has passed away.”  I know she kept talking, but the rest is a blur.

We sat in the parking lot for what seems like forever in complete silence until we all went back into my dorm room.  That night was one of the longest nights I have had, it was filled with tears and flashbacks.  I started thinking about the times I would sit with him while Mommom (dad’s mom) would go grocery shopping, about him walking through town finding all the change on the ground that he could, him turning the volume on the television up loud because everyone in the house was too loud, and various different memories.  All I wanted was to be home with my family  but we all knew how he would have wanted me to finish out the week like nothing had happened, so that is exactly what I did.  I looked out of my bedroom window and there was only one star in the sky, the thought of him being that star brought me great comfort. “Perhaps those stars aren’t stars, they are the loved ones watching over us telling us they are happy up there, with God.♥ ” “is the granddaughter of the biggest and brightest star in the sky*♥*”


As terrible as this memory is I am reminded daily of the love he had for his family.  It gives me comfort knowing he is my guiding star.  Remember to make each day and each moment count!


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