Calling all Girls

Every girl growing up knows of at least one mean girl, that one girl who does everything she can to put another down. Many would assume that dealing with a mean girl will end after high school, but unfortunately there is not a stage in life that one doesn’t have to deal with a mean girl.  I’m 21 years old, and I still encounter mean girls daily.

What exactly is a mean girl? She is someone that is always put together, has “the look,” confident, and intimidating.  She is one who likes to take others down and get others involved in the process.  She is one who enlists others to do the “dirty work.”  She is one who causes the target person to react and lash out.  Mean girls go in packs; they are never alone.  Like Irene Levine, author of “Why are Women so Mean to Each Other” stated, “These mean girls may not fight with their fists but they can inflict terrible emotional pain on their targets.”

Some mean girls never grow up and continue the same behavior as an adult. Rachel Giese, author of “Female Bullying,” said, “The [aggressive] behaviour just gets a little more polished and subtle [as we get older]. You know the transformation: The cool girl in chemistry class who didn’t invite you to her post-graduation party becomes the office diva who “forgets” to forward you an important email at work. The fair-weather friend who flirted with your first crush turns into the frenemy who won’t keep her manicured mitts off your fiancé.”

There are multiple ways to stop the mean girl streak in any environment.  If dealing with a mean girl in the school environment you should tell a trusting adult, it’s important to get things off your chest.  The two most common solutions in both environments are to ignore and convey confidence; if the mean girl sees that she is not getting to you she’ll get tired and move on.  Another solution is to find the mean girls weakness, this means you make her feel bad about what she’s doing to where she isn’t able to make a comeback.  Avoid the mean girl every way possible; remember it’s important to be the bigger person. 1e0a6f02aae3d2c8c661b4aba6a2ab58It’s sad that girls are constantly cutting one another down. Calling someone fat won’t make you any skinnier; calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter; ruining someone’s life won’t make yours any better.  I call girls to be part of a solution rather than a problem. Be your own person; be a leader, rather than a follower.


Why are women so mean to each other?

Female Bullying



  1. I agree completely, females can me vicious manipulators. It’s kinda like we are all in this invisible competition with each other in real life. Then, comment, “You’re perfff.” on a photo of another girl on social media. Every female has encountered the “Frenemy.” Those are the the worst, in my opinion. I really liked this post. Maybe my favorite blog that you’ve posted! Good job!


  2. I really hate that this goes on. I think you should treat others how you want to be treated so I fail to understand why people are mean on purpose. Glad you gave some advice on how to handle the problem, very insightful post!


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