Is It Worth It?

When going through my Facebook news feed today, I came across a post that caught my attention.  I am not usually one to read the articles/stories that my friends share, however, this story was different.  I read, “This Grieving Dad’s Facebook Picture Is So Incredibly Chilling That It May Just Save Someone’s Life.”  As I read this title, I looked at the image of two men and a little baby, and I wanted to know just what might save someone’s life.

I started reading the post by Caroline Schaeffer, “Mike Stollings’ son Jeramie was 20 years old when he passed away earlier this week. Jeramie was a new father to a 10-month-old son named Asher, and he had recently gotten a new job.”

As I got farther into the post I started getting chills, then came the picture.   1897881_10203518563577964_3861817250910406228_nI’m not sure if it was the fact that this man took a picture of his son or if it was the fact that this 20 year old was laying there lifeless, but I couldn’t look away.  I started to read Mike Stollings’ post with this picture and I found myself crying. “lets take another look at how fun drugs are…………… this is my son about an hour after the funeral home got him late monday afternoon. when he died he had been bleeding out of his ears and had blood in his hair and foam in his mouth. they were kind enough to clean him before we got there. his body was ice cold from being kept in a refrigerator. my cold dead son.” I continued to read, “many of you know jeramie was pretty open about his relationship with LSD. he was a little more quiet about his love for Dextromethorphan. despite the begging and pleading from me and many others in his family he craved the trip and was obsessed about it.”
You can see the full post with the image below.

After reading this this father’s post, I was inspired.  I always knew how serious drugs were, but his post did in fact open my eyes even more.  Don’t choose the path of death.  If you are doing drugs just for fun, stop and think.  Is a moment of fun really worth the lifetime of hurt you will leave the ones you love?  Is the moment of fun worth harming yourself?  Is the moment of fun worth any of it?

I promise you that help is always available; if you don’t want to go to your loved ones look into other options.
If you aren’t the one taking drugs, chances are you know someone who is.  Be the safe place that they need.  It is never too late!



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