Cajun Time

Christmas Eve is only three days away, which only means one thing for my family.  It means it is time for all of my family to gather around the living room and listen to Gram’s Cajun Night Before Christmas reading.

21569_103382296352858_1837629_nEven though the children and grandchildren are older, the excitement from the reading will never change.  Everyone still laughs at Gram reading, “Mo’ fas’er an’ fas’er de’ gator dey came. He whistle an’ holler an’ call dem by name: “Ha, Gaston! Ha, Tiboy! Ha, Pierre an’ Alcee’! Gee, Ninette! Gee, Suzette! Celeste an’Renee’! To de top o’ de porch to de top o’ de wall, Make crawl, alligator, an’ be sho’ you don’ fall.””  There is never a face in the room that isn’t smiling as Gram narrates while showing each picture.

Over the years, we have tried reading other versions of the Night Before Christmas, but there isn’t one that will ever compare to The Cajun Night Before Christmas.  Let this be the year you start a new tradition whether it be making ornaments, waking the children up with a Christmas bell before they can go see gifts from Santa Claus, or even the reading of The Night Before Christmas.



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