Happy Birthday!


I feel like today, as well as every other day, the world should celebrate because this man is around. He is caring, hard working, loving, and truly so much more. This man has put his life before others for longer than I’ve been around. When he was younger he dreamed of becoming a firefighter, and with hard work as well as dedication he made that dream a reality. In today’s world many would worry more about his/her own being, but not this man. This man is my father, Chief Corbett as many know him. My dad inspires others to follow in his footsteps as many have chosen to be a firefighter, my brother being one. When the sound of the pager goes off, I watch both run out the door to make sure everything is safe. A fireman always puts the needs of others before him/herself with no questions asked. A fireman is the first in to save someone and the last out and always sacrifices their lives for others.

I have officially known this man for 22 years and I wouldn’t trade a second of our time together. I do not know what I would do without this man! He has stood by my side since the beginning. We may not always get along and he may refuse to take my blood for blood work, however, I know he is always there. Dad has shown me through example of living my mom what true love is, and I hope to one day find that. He is more than just my father.

I know you’re a shy person but I hope you have the best day ever. Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you!


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