The Cube of Life

Throughout life, one hears/uses different analogies: “There are many fish in the sea”, “I’m going to be toast when I get home”, “Stick a fork in me, I’m done”, “You’re as annoying as nails on a chalkboard”, etc. the list could go for days. As I sit and think about all the analogies I have heard in my life, I think about life in general; life is like a Rubik’s Cube.rubik_cube


Everyone knows what a Rubik’s Cube is; some people have just glanced at one in the store, while others have spent time trying to solve one (some successful, others not so much). While looking at the cube, however, no one actually realizes that life is just like the cube. Just like a Rubik’s Cube, life has a lot of twists and turns along the way.

In order to solve the cube, one has to focus on one side to achieve the next. One is unable to move to the next stage of life, or next side of the cube, without completing whatever stage he/she is currently in. The first side of the cube is like the present, one has to place main focus on the present to get through to the future. Once that stage is complete, one moves into the next step of his/her future and leaves the past behind. Like with the cube you can make the wrong move and have to restart; just because you mess up that doesn’t mean you quit. As time goes continues, one eventually reaches the final step of the cube and completes the puzzle. Upon completion, you have the choice to restart or move on.

With life you keep moving forward, growing, and learning. Just like with the cube, have patience and never give up.




Goodbye Fear, Hello Life

No one has went through life without fearful feelings. One who says he/she has is too afraid to admit it. Maybe you are afraid of roller coasters, flying, trying out for a team of some sort, falling in love, or admitting your true feelings. I want each reader to take a moment to think of some of your fears.

Now that you have thought of your fear ask yourself if you are letting it stop you from taking a chance. As adults how many of us let the “fear of striking out keep us out of the game?” Chances are at least one of your fears has stopped you from taking a chance in life. Is this fear truly worth it in the end?


If fear is holding you back try these three steps:
Take it easy: Break down your fear into small steps and start taking these steps.
Stick with it: Just because you get a strange feeling at first don’t give up. Never give up!
Make it a habit: Keep pushing through until you find yourself laughing at this fear.

We are only given one life to live; in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Let today be the first step to conquering your fear. Get on an airplane, go to an amusement park, try out for that sports team, tell your best friend you love them, whatever the fear and go conquer it.



When a friend suggests you do something, chances are you are going to do it. While stressing over finals, what I am going to do after graduation, my future, etc. I knew I had zero time to read a book for leisure. After he finished the book for the second time, I found myself once again being told I need to read it. Finally I listened to my friend and started searching for the book that was supposed to change my life.

There was a time when I was all about reading, however, as I started becoming more involved with school activities my desire to read slowly vanished. After graduating college my desire to read finally started to reappear. As Pablo Neruda once said, “The books that help you most are those which make you think that most.” and The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom does exactly that. I am beyond pleased that this was the book I chose to begin my new path of reading with.


“Try to imagine a life without timekeeping. You probably can’t. You know the month, the year, the day of the week. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule, a calendar, a time for dinner or a movie. Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays. Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.” ― Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

I, like many of you, have found myself fretting over time. Wanting more time in a day, more time with loved ones, time to change and/or fix a past mistake, extra time to figure out future plans, the list goes on and on. Worrying about not having enough time to travel, not enough time to live and love, not enough time to finish a project, this list also goes on and on. What good does it do to worry? Does worrying add more time? Instead of worrying about time we all need to learn to live for the moment and follow our hearts. -“There is a reason God limits our days.” -“Why?” -“To make each one precious.” Each day is supposed to be precious and meaningful, however, by worrying about time days are not precious. Counting time is not going to change the past or add days. Tomorrow is not promised. “When you are measuring life, you are not living it.”

I highly recommend to everyone find time read The Time Keeper.  “Ends are for yesterday, not tomorrows.”

To the Girl in the Mirror


Girl in the mirror,

I want to start this off by saying I’m sorry if what I’m about to say hurts but I know it all needs to be said.

For years now I have been comparing you to someone that you are not.  I remember numerous times asking, “Why can’t you be like that?” or saying, “You’re not trying hard enough.”  I honestly cannot remember the last time I looked at you and was truly happy.  I have noticed other girls and wanted you to be exactly like them, which wasn’t fair to you.  I have said terrible things about you to your face; I have said so many things that I don’t even know how you can stand looking at me.

I have made life so much harder on you than what it should be.  I made you believe that if you just lost a few pounds, dressed like other girls, wore your hair a certain way, hid behind makeup, lived trying to be someone you aren’t you would eventually be happy.  I convinced you that you would never be enough unless you lived your life to please everyone else.  Sometimes I felt hate looking at you and I would also feel hate looking back.  Honestly, I just wanted to punch you to make you disappear for a while.

From day one I should have loved you; I should have been your safe place.  I sincerely apologize for all the times I tore you down.  It has taken me years to realize everything I was doing to you.  I ruined not only your outlook on yourself but also on life.  I pushed it to the point that you dreaded having to see me.  I should have told you to realize how amazing and blessed you truly are.  When you were going through hard times, I should have been there to help and not tear you down even more.  I should have always been there.

So girl in the mirror, I’m going to tell you something I never have.  You are a beautiful young woman with an amazing life ahead of you.  You might not look like all of the other girls but that is what makes you the real you.  If there is someone that doesn’t appreciate the real you, they aren’t worth your time.  Stop trying to lose all the weight, stop changing how you dress or how you wear your hair, wipe off all of that makeup, and be the real you!

I know how hard it is to trust my words after all the hurt I’ve caused, however, I swear to you that my words are true.  You are beautiful and you are enough.

Love Always,

Never Give Up. Never Give Up; Keep Strong.

10406865_912868985404181_6853601644672863495_nOn December 6, 2014, Min Hampshire was able to mark something off of his bucket list.  Min has been bravely fighting brain cancer for over a year now.  Being a former resident of Jenkins Kentucky,  one thing he wanted more than anything was to attend the Jenkins Christmas Parade and see all of his old friends.  Sadly the weather forecast brought some concerns to members in the city and led to the devastating news that the parade would be cancelled.  After arranging a special ride in the parade for Min, Karen and Rick Corbett as well as the rest of the Jenkins Fire Department knew that something had to be done.  They all knew that there had to be something they could do to still help the dream come true.  Karen and Rick started thinking and the idea of a “Min Parade” came to mind; even though the city parade was cancelled, there was no reason there couldn’t be a check off of his bucket list.  People came together and made sure that Mother Nature didn’t “rain on their parade” and helped make a memorable day for a very special young man.


Min has always been the kind of person that makes you realize just how special life is.  He is a kind hearted soul that has made a huge impact on everyone’s life.  As teacher, Sonya Breeding, stated, “He just makes it an honor to be around him, and it just makes you realize how precious life really is, and how we should enjoy every moment, and live to the fullest just like Min does.”  In an interview with WYMT, Min addressed that his situation wasn’t easy at first but he made peace with what the future holds for him and that he hopes people take away a message from his story. “Before I was really mad about it, but now I’m just calm. [I want to say something to] all those people out there right now: Never give up. Never give up; keep strong.”


People came together and helped make this day happen.  The fire department pulled out every fire truck and 10689490_912866415404438_3959523582217741656_nrescue vehicle in the station, WYMT came, people came to the library to celebrate with Min while others lined up in their cars, even the police joined in their cruisers; this was a parade many can never forget.  There was not a dry eye when Min seen all of the trucks lined up for him and that he would be escorted in a truck by the one and only Santa Claus, proving that “Santa is real!”

Everyone needs to take a few lessons from this young man: never give up no matter the obstacle, always stay strong, and never lose sight of your dreams!


What if Christmas, Perhaps, Means a Little More?

16594_726296977394717_1139137757_nAs Christmas approaches, people rush 1620669_726297250728023_91737345_nstore to store in fear of not getting enough presents for their loved ones.  Many individuals place focus on gifts, however, Christmas is about so much more.  Decorations, food, traditions, memories, music, religion are after all the reason for the season. 155855_174613919229695_685159_n

There are numerous recorded events that show that the tradition of giving and receiving gifts date back to at least the 4th century; a Christian Bishop, St. Nicholas, was known for giving to all children as well as those less fortunate than he.  This generosity of giving gifts quickly spread all over the world.  There are st-nicholasvarious stories about St. Nicholas, however, the most known story is the one about the hanging of stockings: “A recently widowed man and father of three girls were having a tough time making ends meet.  Even though his daughters were beautiful, he was worried that their impoverished status would make it impossible for them to marry.  St. Nicholas was wandering through the town where the man lived and heard villagers discussing that family’s plight.  He wanted to help but knew the man would refuse any kind of charity directly.  Instead, one night he slid down the chimney of the family’s house and filled the girls’ recently laundered stockings, which happened to be drying by the fire, with gold coins and then he disappeared.  The girls awoke in the morning, overjoyed upon discovering the bounty.  Because of St. Nick’s generosity, the daughters were now eligible to wed and their father could rest easy that they wouldn’t fall into lonely despair.”  The tradition of hanging a stockings and gift giving has continued through today.

As time went on, the main focus of the season became the gifts.  Many people sit and stress over what to get others for Christmas, but gifts are not the reason for the season.  People need to stop and think about what Christmas really is about.  In the book, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr. Suess wrote, “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store?  What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little more?”  Christmas is the time for giving, but why is the giving always gifts that are bought from a store?  Don’t spend your Christmas stressing over presents, instead remember why we celebrate such a wonderful holiday.  Give a little of your time and your heart and you can still have a wonderful holiday. christmas-carolers-1wtnat.2RMS_MIA123-outdoor-Christmas-lights-decorations_s4x3_lgbeautiful-christmas-tree-ideas


Be Who You Want To Be

If there is one thing I love about internet, it’s that I have the ability to keep up with the most recent “Trending” topics.  Throughout the day, I am constantly watching the trending topics on both Facebook and Twitter.  On November 19, I found that none other than Barbie was trending; being a huge Barbie girl growing up I wanted to see what the deal was.  I skimmed through various things when I noticed they all had two words in common, “Normal Barbie.”

Barbie was manufactured by Mattel, Inc. and launched in 1959.  Many young girls grew up with Barbie, myself included.  Barbie was originally a teen model, but as years passed she had countless careers (over 150).  With the countless outfits, accessories, homes, forms of transportation, etc. Barbie had the ability to be whatever you desired her to be.  Barbie also came with slogans to inspire young girls, “We girls can do anything.” “The fate of the world is in the hands of daone beautiful girl.” “Be who you want to be.”


I was the girl that had more Barbie’s than she knew what to do with.  The girl who received countless Barbie’s for any occasion, because she was obsessed.  I will admit I may have had too many Barbie’s but as it turned out they all served for a purpose.  When I was younger and playing with my Barbie, I didn’t realize I was also learning a valuable lesson every female should learn.  As I changed her outfits, switched forms of transportation, alternated her accessories, sent her on various excursion , and even changed careers I was learning that anything is possible.  To me Barbie wasn’t just a blonde or brunette doll that I wanted to look like, but she was a doll I wanted to be like.  Barbie stands for a strong meaning, not to make girls that don’t look like her feel ugly.  From experience, girls do want to be like Barbie but not look wise, they want to be the girl that can do anything she wants to do.  My parents’ taught me that beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder therefore, I never wished I could be as skinny or as pretty as Barbie.
829420150_1371948989 2012-brunette-holiday-barbie

So what exactly is this “Normal Barbie?”  The new Barbie is a brunette doll with movable elbows, hands, knees, and feet that has the average body proportions of a 19-year old female based on data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The “Normal Barbie” has a sticker-extension pack that includes cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, acne, glasses, tattoos, scratches, moles, bruises, dirt stains, etc.


I’m not saying that the “Normal Barbie” is a bad thing, but when did Barbie’s looks become the huge factor.  The original Barbie showed girls that anything is possible, to me this “Normal Barbie” is showing young girls that looks are what will get you through.  Society today puts the main focus on looks when truth is, looks can only get you so far.  As for Barbie, stop focusing on her looks and realize what she really stands for.