To the Girl in the Mirror


Girl in the mirror,

I want to start this off by saying I’m sorry if what I’m about to say hurts but I know it all needs to be said.

For years now I have been comparing you to someone that you are not.  I remember numerous times asking, “Why can’t you be like that?” or saying, “You’re not trying hard enough.”  I honestly cannot remember the last time I looked at you and was truly happy.  I have noticed other girls and wanted you to be exactly like them, which wasn’t fair to you.  I have said terrible things about you to your face; I have said so many things that I don’t even know how you can stand looking at me.

I have made life so much harder on you than what it should be.  I made you believe that if you just lost a few pounds, dressed like other girls, wore your hair a certain way, hid behind makeup, lived trying to be someone you aren’t you would eventually be happy.  I convinced you that you would never be enough unless you lived your life to please everyone else.  Sometimes I felt hate looking at you and I would also feel hate looking back.  Honestly, I just wanted to punch you to make you disappear for a while.

From day one I should have loved you; I should have been your safe place.  I sincerely apologize for all the times I tore you down.  It has taken me years to realize everything I was doing to you.  I ruined not only your outlook on yourself but also on life.  I pushed it to the point that you dreaded having to see me.  I should have told you to realize how amazing and blessed you truly are.  When you were going through hard times, I should have been there to help and not tear you down even more.  I should have always been there.

So girl in the mirror, I’m going to tell you something I never have.  You are a beautiful young woman with an amazing life ahead of you.  You might not look like all of the other girls but that is what makes you the real you.  If there is someone that doesn’t appreciate the real you, they aren’t worth your time.  Stop trying to lose all the weight, stop changing how you dress or how you wear your hair, wipe off all of that makeup, and be the real you!

I know how hard it is to trust my words after all the hurt I’ve caused, however, I swear to you that my words are true.  You are beautiful and you are enough.

Love Always,


Beauty, is it really skin deep?

Technology has opened various doors, windows, one disturbing one is the false way of portraying models, singers, actresses, etc.   Social media has created a very superficial way of living.  The world uses media to define what is beautiful; but what is the true definition of beauty?  The way media depicts it in a Caucasian female is a size zero, 5’10, no blemishes, tan, perfect teeth, a blonde that piles on the makeup. For an African-American female to be “beautiful” she must have a thin waist and a large butt, perfect teeth, no blemishes, and doesn’t need makeup.  But is the beauty you see when you turn on the television, browse the internet, flip through a magazine, etc. even a true depiction of the person or just a product of photo editing?


Media producers spend so much time editing videos, pictures, television shows, etc. to make sure that all females have what they consider to be “the look”.  A false image of what is average is created leaving countless women in the world feeling depressed because they don’t look anything like what they see every day.  The “beauty” seen every single day is created by making the models/actresses/singers/etc. fit into a world in how women should actually look by using digital manipulation.

In a bathing suit ad, Target showed how much photo editing is truly done to pictures.  Tanya Keller’s picture went viral after she was featured with superhuman length arms as well as a blotched photoshop job.  When Tanya Keller was invited on the Ellen Show, she appeared with arms as long as the ones featured in this ad to prove a point to the world. 

Beauty is a word like love, it means something different to everyone.  According to Webster Dictionary, beauty is “the quality of being physically attractive”, media forces one to feel like she isn’t beautiful because she doesn’t have “the look”.  To me beauty is something that every single person has; beauty isn’t based on hair color or style, how tall you are, how curvy or thin you are,  how much makeup you wear, or the color of your skin.; beauty is based on YOURSELF!!!  In order to be beautiful you need to feel beautiful!  Ladies, take a stand and do not let other’s opinions determine your self worth! BvSrUvuCIAAQlLf